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Weights your eyes gently for complete darkness, eye relaxation and mental stillness.

Your eyes are the windows of your mind: when they are tense, your mind is tense. When they are relaxed, your mind is relaxed. (When they are closed, ...???) Relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises take you deepest when your mind is still. Our black silk Eyesbag® soothes your eyes by weighting them gently so your eyelids won't flutter and can relax. The Eyesbag®'s soft pressure relieves tension from the muscles in and around your eyes, as the Eyesbag® prevents light from reaching your pupils (but, then again, if you're a meditation teacher, you probably want your pupils to see the light).

Our Eyesbag® is made of fine black silk, and filled with organic flax seeds. Our Eyesbag® are very clever: we add nothing to their natural good scents. Includes the Eyesbag® Usage Guide, which explains how to use your Eyesbag® to practice deep breathing and achieve deep relaxation.

$10 each
6-9: $9 each
10+: $8 each
50+: $7.50 each
Usage Guide only: $5

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Price: $10.00
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