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Provide the length that enables you to grasp limbs beyond your reach, and bind your limbs in position.
  • 100% cotton.
  • 9 feet long and 1.5 inches wide.
  • Colors: Natural, Dark Green, Blue, Purple.

If she straightened her knee without using the Superstrap, she couldn't reach her foot.
Her shoulder muscles are too tight to enable her to clasp her hands. With the Strap, she can perform the pose and get a great stretch.
Superstraps provide length so you can grasp arms, legs, hands or feet that are too far away (in China, perhaps, or Morocco), enabling you to do poses you couldn't reach before. Straps also help hold your limbs in place while you do poses.

Fasten the Superstrap by snapping together the male and female halves of the buckle, and adjust its tension by pulling the loose strap-end. You can release the Strap easily, no matter how much tension it is holding, by pressing the levers on either side of the buckle.

The completed pose requires that she clasp her right big toe with her right hand. She can't reach but, the Superstrap enables her to do the pose and stretch her right hip.
The completed pose requires that she clasp her hands around her knee. She can't quite reach, but the Superstrap spans the gap, enabling her to reap the benefits of this twist.
"... The buckles are great, I wouldn't buy anything else!" A.L.

These are the same buckles found on many backpacks and other sporting gear. They hold fast and release easily. We really like them!

$12 each
10-29: $8 each
30+: $7 each

Kay & Ruth, Co-Owners of Yoga Props®
“We practice and teach yoga, care about our customers, and understand our products. Please call or write to us with your questions about yoga equipment."

Serving the yoga community since 1979!

You can speak about our yoga equipment with a REAL LIVE knowledgeable and friendly person if you phone TOLL FREE 888/856-9642 between noon and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Or email service@YogaProps.com

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