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John Friend CDs

Friend Anusara Yoga 101 (CD)
Anusara Yoga 101
by John Friend
Excellent Instruction    Mildly Aerobic    Mildly Strenuous
Appropriate for All Levels

Anusara Yoga 101
is a double audio CD that teaches the principles of Anusara Yoga. You can practice with both CD's for a two-hour session of standing poses, sun salutations, backbends, hip-stretches, forward bends, twists, sitting meditation, and deep relaxation. Or use each disk as its own one-hour session. Each pose has its own track, so you can repeat, skip, shuffle, or index the poses into your own custom routines. With over 40 different tracks on the two CDs, you can create a huge variety of customized sequences. The poses and the sequence are designed for students of all levels. 120 minutes.

2 CDs, 2 hours.

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John Friend Anusara Yoga.jpeg

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Price: $25.00
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