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Theresa Elliott Videos

Elliott Stillness in Motion (Video Cassette)
Stillness in Motion

price reduced by 20%!

by Theresa Elliott

Excellent, Clear Instruction
Mildly Aerobic
Mildly Strenuous
Experienced Beginners

Stillness in Motion presents a flowing series of poses, so you hold each pose for a few breaths, then move gracefully to the next pose, without pausing. The flowing method teaches you more about the inner stability of the poses, and challenges your endurance. Poses are taught from the Iyengar perspective.

Fascinating, fun, flowing sequences of yoga poses. Instruction is clear and helpful. Tone is creative and playful. Excellent for students familiar with yoga basics, who want an interesting and challenging next step. Poses are demonstrated by students of varying sizes and levels.

50 minutes.

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Elliott Stillness in Motion 210.jpg

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Price: $16.00
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