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Cyllindrical Bolster
Provide support & comfort in poses.

Our high quality Bolsters are made in the San Francisco Bay Area.
The Bolster supports her belly so it doesn't clench as she bends forward.
The Bolster helps open her chest, extend her spine & stretch her thighs.

Cylindrical Bolsters
9" diameter x 25" long
Add one to basket.
We fill our Cylindrical Bolsters with pure, natural cotton. We've made them dense and firm, to provide perfect support in many yoga postures.  Our Cylindrical Bolsters feature handles and removable, machine-washable cotton covers.

M.E. in Texas said: " ... The removable cover with handle on the bolster is very handy (better than GAIAM's)."
Rectangular Bolsters
12" wide x 6" thick x 25" long
Add one to basket.
http://www.yogaprops.net/images/products/bolsterrecvirasana112.jpg http://www.yogaprops.net/images/products/bolsterrechandle112.jpg
We fill Rectangular Bolsters with pure natural cotton. Dense & firm, to provide optimum support, they feature handles & non-removable cotton covers.

The Cylindrical Bolster supports her head so she can relax her neck. The Rectangular Bolster supports her abdomen so she can relax her stomach as she bends forward. It also supports her chest so her torso doesn't round forward.  Try different leg positions while you stretch your chest.
Should I buy a Cylindrical or a Rectangular Bolster?  That's a question we're often asked. The answer is:
  • If you like the Bolsters in your yoga class, buy the type you use;
  • Cylindrical Bolsters are a bit larger and firmer than Rectangular Bolsters;
  • Cylindrical Bolsters are MUCH HEAVIER than Rectangular Bolsters, owing to the fact that their respective filling materials have different weights;
  • You can do most things equally well with either kind of Bolster, but the different shapes do have marginal advantages for certain poses. Please look carefully at the photos above to get clues about whether the positions you want to practice will be easier with one shape rather than the other;
  • If you just can't figure it out, please phone us. We're here Monday thru Friday, from noon til 5:00 p.m. and we will give you our opinion! ... our number is: 415/285-9642.
Cylindrical Bolster:
 Add one to basket.

Rectangular Bolster:
 Add one to basket.

Cylindrical Bolster: Add one to basket.
Rectangular Bolster: Add one to basket.

$60 ea.          6-9: $56 ea.            10+: $50 ea.

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Price: $60.00
Quantity in Basket: none


Neck Roll

Suppots the natural curve of your neck.
  • 100% cotton cover.
  • Filled with buckwheat hulls.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cover can be laundered in your machines.
Our Neckroll supports the natural curve of your neck, & provides gentle yet firm pressure at the base of your skull. It has a removable cover that you can wash & dry in your machines. The cover is made of a richly colored heavy cotton twill. We fill our Neckroll with  buckwheat hulls.

Dimensions: 15" long x 4" diameter
Colors:  Navy, Green, Wine, Black

Add one to basket.

Kay & Ruth, Co-Owners of Yoga Props®
“We practice and teach yoga, care about our customers, and understand our products. Please call or write to us with your questions about yoga equipment."

Serving the yoga community since 1979!

You can speak about our yoga equipment with a REAL LIVE knowledgeable & friendly person if you phone 415/285-9642 between noon and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Or email service@YogaProps.com

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Price: $30.00
Quantity in Basket: none


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