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Advanced Routine CD
Quantity in Basket: none
Price: $2,699.00
Kest Advanced Routine (CD)
Bryan Kest's Advanced Routine -- Bootleg CD
Excellent Instruction     Mildly Aerobic     Moderately Strenuous      Experienced Beginner/Intermediate
This AUDIO CD includes Bryan's advanced routine. It is thorough and challenging, and you can practice at your edge while maintaining a relaxed attitude. Bryan's instruction is clear and helpful. The CD comes with a booklet including detailed written instructions and photographs of Bryan and Regiane in the poses. The booklet is 8" x 8", spiral bound.

This program includes the following poses:
Cobra ~ Downward Facing Dog ~ Side Arm Balance ~ Upper Push Up ~ Spinal Balancing ~ Awkward Airplane ~ Sitting Virasana and Reclining Virasana ~ Standing Forward Bend ~ Inverted Vertical Splits ~ Chair Pose (Utkatasana) ~ Warrior 1, 2 ~ Airplane Pose ~ Half Moon Pose ~ Inverted Vertical Splits ~ One-Hand Inverted Vertical Splits ~ Toe Tuck Prayer Pose, Extended Toe Tuck, Toe Tuck Arms Reaching, Toe Tuck Split Knees ~ Standing Shoulder Stretch ~ Elbow Balance ~ Hand Stand ~ Parsvakonasana, ~ Spread Leg Forward Bend ~ Standing Side Stretch ~ Bent Leg Lunges ~ Runner's Lunge ~ Parsvottanasana ~ Revolved Triangle ~ Revolved Half Moon Pose ~ No-Hand Inverted Vertical Splits ~ Side Arm Balance ~ Table Pose ~ Boat Pose ~ Reverse Plank ~ Bridge Pose ~ Wheel Pose ~ Shoulderstand with Plow ~ Reclining Twist

90 minutes, 18 tracks.

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Kest Advanced 33.jpg

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