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Spinal Strengthening CD
Quantity in Basket: none
Price: $926.00
  this product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
Kest Spinal Strengthening (CD)
Bryan Kest's Spinal Strengthening -- Bootleg CD
Excellent Instruction     Mildly Aerobic     Moderately Strenuous      Beginner/Experienced Beginner/Intermediate
This product is no longer available.

This audio CD is a well-rounded, flowing yoga class devoted to strengthening your spine and the surrounding muscles. For nearly 10 years, Bryan has been using yoga to help his students care for their back problems. This program includes the fruit of his work. The invigorating sequence will enhance the flexibility and strength of your spine, no matter what your level of experience. Bryan's instruction is clear and thoughtful. The CD comes with a booklet including extensive written instructions to accompany the audio recording, and photographs of Bryan and Anya in more than 100 poses. The booklet is 8" x 8" and spiral bound.

This program includes the following poses: ~ Child's Pose ~ Downward Facing Dog ~ Spinal Balancing, ~ Upper Push Up ~ Cobra ~ Side Arm Balances ~ Head to Knee Pose ~ Seated Virasana and Reclining Virasana ~ Sitting Leg Spread ~ Upavistha Konasana ~ Table Pose, Extended Table Pose ~ Baddha Konasana ~ Seated Forward Bend ~ Boat, Reverse Boat ~ Upward Bow ~ Modified Camel ~ Lateral Side Stretch ~ Toe Tuck Camel ~ Toe Tuck Balance ~ Toe Tuck Shoulder Stretch ~ Standing Shoulder Stretch ~ Modified Inverted Vertical Splits ~ Half Moon Pose ~ Bent Knee Balance and Bent Knee Balance with Arms Like Wings ~ Airplane Pose ~ Inverted Vertical Splits ~ Standing Forward Bend ~ Reclining Pigeon ~ Reclining Deep Hip Stretch ~ Reclining Spread Leg Stretch ~ Reclining Hamstring Stretch ~ Shoulderstand ~ Plow ~ Lateral Neck Stretch ~ Neck Circles ~ Reclining Spinal Twist

90 minutes, 8 tracks.

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