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Heartblock (high)
Quantity in Basket: none
Price: $295.00

Not a dinosaur, not a giraffe...it's a

by Yoga Props®
Effective, Gorgeous and Durable!

Stretches chest; extends upper spine; counteracts humpback;
deepens breathing; relieves menstrual cramps, constipation;
stimulates kidney function.

The Heartblock fits between your shoulderblades, so it functions as a fulcrum.
The right side of your chest falls toward the floor on the right; the left side of your chest falls toward the floor on the left.  Your chest opens wide from side to side.
Our Heartblock and Heartbench have the same profile. But the Heartblock creates a more intense stretch than the Heartbench because it opens your chest in two directions.

The Heartblock is a fulcrum over which your ribcage and shoulders can open. By pressing your upper spine into the center of your body, the Heartblock stretches your chest lengthwise, from neck to navel. Since the Heartblock is less than 4" wide, it fits between your shoulder blades, so your chest also opens from side to side.

These chest stretches will deepen your breathing, soothe stress, cultivate lung tissue elasticity, optimize metabolism, develop spinal flexibility and counteract humpback (but probably won't ensure eternal life).

The Heartblock also stretches, tones and nourishes your abdominal organs, relieves menstrual cramps and constipation, and stimulates kidney circulation, just like the Heartbench. We round all of the edges and sand it smooth so it is a pleasure to touch and behold.

We make a High Heartblock and a Low Heartblock. We recommend that you order the Low Heartblock, unless your spine is very flexible. Please call TOLL FREE 888/856-9642 if you want to talk with us about which is best for you. Each Heartblock costs $275.

Both the High and Low Heartblocks are made of solid mahogany and include the Heartblock Usage Guide,  that explains how to use and care for the Heartblock.

Because each piece is hand-crafted, this item is sometimes backordered and must be built for your order. A non-refundable 50% deposit will be charged upon order, balance charged when we ship. The backbending bench is oversized; we will contact you with the exact shipping price.


You can speak about our yoga equipment with a REAL LIVE knowledgeable and friendly person if you phone 415/285-9642 between noon and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Or email service@YogaProps.com

Kay & Ruth, Co-Owners of Yoga Props®
We practice and teach yoga, care about our customers, and understand our products. Please call or write to us with your questions about yoga equipment."

Serving the yoga community since 1979!
Still More Feedback From Customers:
I am glad that I trusted in the recommendation
of a yoga professional and bought from Yoga Props. Thank you !!!

We will happily &  promptly answer your questions about our Heartblock or other yoga equipment.
Phone 415/285-9642 or email service@YogaProps.com .

We wish you good health, happy stretching and deep peace

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