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Sandbags (one pair)
Quantity in Basket: none
Price: $30.00

Soft weights for limbs and torso to intensify and stabilize stretches.
  • 100% cotton denim covers.
  • 10 lbs. each; sold in pairs.
  • Handles for easy carrying.
10+ pairs: $25/pair
The Sandbags press her knees toward the floor, intensifying the stretch of her inner thighs.
A Sandbag intensifies the stretch of her left thigh by pressing her knee to the floor.
Sandbags are pliable, soft weights. Place them on your limbs or torso to intensify a stretch, to stabilize your body in a pose, or to keep yourself from flying away in a wind storm. Our Sandbags weigh 10 pounds each. They feature handles, so you can carry them easily. Our Sandbags are made of tightly woven denim and dust-free aquarium gravel, and we sell them in pairs.


The Sandbags intensify the stretch of her shoulder and chest muscles.
Sandbags are durable and versatile. They make marvelous cat-pillows and paperweights. Our own have endured years of being dropped, thrown, and sat upon by people and cats.

Kay & Ruth, Co-Owners of Yoga Props®
“We practice and teach yoga, care about our customers, and understand our products. Please call or write to us with your questions about yoga equipment."

Serving the yoga community since 1979!

You can speak about our yoga equipment with a REAL LIVE knowledgeable and friendly person if you phone TOLL FREE 888/856-9642 between noon and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Or email service@YogaProps.com

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