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Yoga Ropes
Quantity in Basket: none
Price: $125.00
  Individual sets contain: 2 upper ropes, 2 lower ropes, 4 hooks, and Usage Guide
  I have read and accept the Return Policies

Yoga Ropes

Stretch and strengthen all major muscle groups; relieve back pain; tone pelvic and abdominal organs; support you in backbends, forward bends and shoulder stretches.

Don't be fooled by other hi tech, hi priced products: our Yoga Ropes are still the most effective and versatile tool for developing strength and flexibility. Click on the links below to see how you can use them to

As you see, Yoga Ropes support a tremendous range of movements and exercises. The amply illustrated Yoga Ropes Usage Guide, included, explains how to install your Ropes, and how to do all of the poses shown on this website, and many others as well. Each set includes four Yoga Ropes (2 uppers and 2 lowers), all mounting hardware, and the Yoga Ropes Usage Guide. Yoga Ropes are made from high quality rope, and their ends are treated to prevent unraveling. The simple sophistication of our Yoga Ropes transcends all high-tech, higher-cost imitations!


Backbends with the Yoga Ropes:

Yoga Ropes help you practice these and other backbending movements.

Forward Bends with the Yoga Ropes:

Grasping the Yoga Ropes helps you extend your spine so your chest doesn't cave in as you practice forward bends.


Stretching your Shoulder Muscles with the Yoga Ropes:

The Yoga Ropes and gravity help you practice many shoulder and chest stretches.

Creating Spinal Traction with the Yoga Ropes:

The Yoga Ropes pull her thighs backward, so that her spine falls forward into delicious traction, soothing back pain and tension. This pose also creates excellent hamstring, shoulder and chest stretches.

Toning Your Abdominal Muscles and Organs with the Yoga Ropes:

What would happen to your arm and abdominal muscles if you held these poses for 15 seconds each, releasing, then repeating 10 times?


Enhancing Kidney Circulation with the Yoga Ropes:

This position squeezes her kidneys. When she releases it, blood will swiftly infuse them. She can enhance the effect by holding and releasing the pose several times in sequence.

Stretching and Strengthening Most of Your Muscles with the Yoga Ropes:

The Yoga Ropes help her stretch the muscles on the front of her right thigh, the muscles on her inner left thigh, her chest muscles and her shoulder muscles -- all at once!



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$125 per set (Usage Guide Included)
6 sets: $115 per set(1 Usage Guide Included)
10+ sets: $100 per set(1 Usage Guide Included)

Save $15.00 when you order an Inversion Sling with your Yoga Ropes


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