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Feedback from Our Customers...

August-September 2004
"Thank you! How amazing that a human is actually behind the e-mail address, ready to help! And now if the stuff actually arrives and is as expected, I will be even happier!"

"I was wonderfully pleased with my transaction. I was so surprised to get my shipment the next day. Thanks for being there, and I know I will be ordering more through your business in the future!"

"UPS truck stop in front of my home this afternoon. I opened the box and found exactly what I had ordered. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for getting them to me as quickly as you did... less than one week is pretty good in my book. Thank you very much"

"I received my order today. It was exactly what I wanted. I'm happy not only with the service, but also with the products. I will be ordering again."

"Thank you for the great items. Love the blankets! Also the bolsters. And the weights are really helpful. I used all last night during my workout."

May-July 2004
"Hello, The backbender is fantastic! I have nothing but good things to say about it. The ordered
was filled quickly. It is a beautiful piece that I am happy to have as a furniture in my home. The
finish is amazingly smooth. And having the backbender is such a life saver for me: I have a
new baby and have not figured out how to do a full yoga practice since he was born, and the
backbender is amazingly effective to use in my shorter practice (and particularly in counteracting
my nursing mother thoracic stoop!). Thank you for making such a great product!

"First off.....fantastic site....fantastic products! If I lived in San Francisco I think I may have to
work for your company!!! haha"

"Ruth, I'm very happy with the things I ordered and with YogaProps in general.
The prices are a little better than Hugger Mugger, etc. "

"The ordering and delivery process was great. I am very satisfied. You might note that
while your site lists the weight of the Travel Mat I purchased at 1 lb., the one I received weighs
under 12 oz. The lesser weight might not matter to some people, but I was delighted since I'm
taking it on a lengthy backpacking trip. -- Octavia"

"Thank you. I recieved the ropes and they are up. I am a long time student and teacher and
am happy to have ropes in my house. My 11 year old is enjoying them with me. "

"Hi Ruth-Thank you for getting my order to me. I received it and am packing my travel mat
to bring to Africa with me!! C.J."

"I thank you for the amazingly prompt delivery - it arrived the very next day! I look forward
to installing the ropes and turning my study into a yoga room. S.K."

" Products great and order came quickly. Thank you C.D."

"Just want to let you know that recently I bought a set of yoga ropes and yoga sling from you.
I really like your products and enjoy them a lot. I have been recommending it to my friends,
and sometimes it feels like that I am adverting for you. I usually do that when I like the product.
Just want to congratulate you for your great products."

"Thanks for the fast service on my order. I requested it on a Friday and it came the next
Wednesday -- even with a holiday in between. Thanks! B.Y."

"My travel mat arrived yesterday, so the delivery was very prompt, and I really like the mat
-- it is as light in weight as I had hoped, and I tested it out this morning, and feel it will do the
trick for yoga when traveling on business trips. Thanks, Heather"

April 2004
"I received my order yesterday, and I am very pleased with the products and the quick delivery.
I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future."

"Thanks Ruth. Yes the yoga students here are in bliss with their new props and the Heartbench
is wonderful -- thank you for your great work."

"Easy and fast. Great Selection. Will be ordering more. Thank you"

March 2004
"Very speedy delivery. Excellent product. Thank you."

"thanks for the immediate confirmation of my order, please consider this response as verification
all information is accurate and truthful. Have a nice day - I eagerly await the Forward Bender -- yippee"

"I love my yoga ropes."

"I just want you to know how much I love your service and your company. I'm a little bummed
because my dog used my new mat as a teething toy, but it's still usable! Thanks for everything, Lisa"

"Everything I have ordered from you has arrived perfectly and are great products. (Your bolsters
are wonderful!) I am re-ordering from you and recommending you to my friends. Thanks! "

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with the thick sticky mat and strap ...
that I purchased. Thanks for a very pleasant transaction!"

"The (organic) cotton bolster is wonderful and well worth the wait Thanks."

"I love it, feels great. thanks for all your help."

February 2004
"The site is wonderfully easy to navigate, and I loved the touches of humor here and there.
I was also surprised at how quickly the shipment arrived. Thanks for doing a great job and
for making it such a pleasure for me to buy anything I might need to help me in my yoga practice. "

"I loved being able to talk to a real yoga professional regarding the bolster I was buying, not
really sure which shape would do the most for me. I ordered as you suggested, the rectangle
and the breathing bolster and am very pleased. I was a little hesitant on what the fabric would
be like and I love what you sent. I ordered the navy and love the soft brush of the fabric and
pleasing color. Color, texture and smell are very important to me and you are right on with all
three.the shipping was fast yeah! I have looked at dozens of sites, and combed religiously the
back of YJ mag. trying to find just the right color, price, shape etc. I am glad that I just trusted in
the recommendation of a yoga professional and bought from Yoga Props. Thank you !!! Gail "

"Wow great customer service - thanks for a pleasant and unusual online experience."

" They got here in record time! The quaility looks great. I will try them out tommorow.
I run a pilates and yoga studio. Thanks for the bumper sticker!"

January 2004
"Your straps are the ONLY ones to use; the one I just got was for a present for a dear friend.
... As usual, service was prompt, cool, good, swift, and most excellent." ... jan g

"I love the Inversion Sling and was stunned by your turn-around time! Thank you!!"

"As usual, your service is very prompt! The mats arrived on Tuesday, and they are excellent!
Thanks, I will continue to shop at yogaprops!"

"Whenever (once in a blue moon) I buy yoga props, I buy them from you! You're the best! "

"I have nothing but good things to say about the products that I received and the way the
transaction took place. So I'll just say thank you for making it so easy!! "

"I bought a strap and sticky mat for my brother. He got them on time and likes them. Keep up
the good work." Roger Cole

"All I can say is that this transaction was one of the best I've experienced! Thank you for
making it so smooth, ethical and speedy. Also great communication."

pre 2004
"I was amazed at how quickly it got here and amazed at the quality. I will order from you again!!!!"

"The Yoga mats I ordered last month are great! They are the perfect
thickness and no-skid texture works very well. I like the color, but some of my students asked
if there were other colors of the same exact mat. When and if I need more I will certainly order
this same product. "

"I received my blankets order today... they are VERY nice, and I know the class will be thrilled.
I have bookmarked your web site, and have told others that you have great prices."

"Thanks so much for all your help. This is my first venture in teaching after 31 years as a student
and my enrollment is far greater than I first expected. I will be back for more I am sure. I am
grateful you are there and that I have place to order supplies from that is so helpful."

"Well, Ruth, I thought about it for awhile to see if it was just an impulse purchase and then went
and checked Yoga Pro again before doing the right thing and ordering the ropes today from
your site -- Yoga Props. What swayed me were the photos and your response to my email inquiry. "

"Thanks... It's here. Beautifully made. Got up on it awhile ago... it'll do the trick...lets me
headstand with a fractured neck... "

" The site is wonderfully easy to navigate, and I loved the touches of humor here and there.
I was also surprised at how quickly the shipment arrived. Thanks for doing a great job and
for making it such a pleasure for me to buy anything I might need to help me in my yoga practice." AE