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Notes from Workshop Participants:

"I was at all three sessions of your workshops. It was an incredible experience for me from start to finish. You are such a wonderful teacher. Your teaching style, amazing ability and knowledge of yoga has renewed my interest in yoga and helped inspire me to commit even more to my own practice. And I have found muscles I didn't know I had! You have a wonderful gift you are giving to others. This student is very appreciative. Again, thank you for enriching my life."

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and benefited from your instruction this weekend! Especially on Sunday after your backbend class, I felt as though all my internal organs had been massaged, and I felt more freedom and awareness in my chest and thoracic spine than I ever have before. Your gentle, precise and informative instruction allowed me to experience the true benefits of yoga. Thank you so much for coming all the way across the country. I felt very lucky to participate in your class."

"I wanted to thank you for your excellent guidance through the workshop this weekend. I especially appreciated the way you warmed up each part of the body required before you ever got to the pose. It really struck a chord with me as I find that most of the time the classes go too fast for me to feel and know what is being expected of my body. I also saw, as I watched you take the poses, that after you made specific demands of your body parts that you then relaxed into the pose instead of remaining tense with all of your muscles. The muscles seem to stretch with more of a smile this way. So enough babbling.... I really do thank you."




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Yoga Workshops

Would you like to learn poses like these?

OR, would you like to study more basic poses with an inspiring, helpful and knowledgeable teacher? Then invite Kay Eskenazi to your studio for a series of workshops appropriate for students of all levels and styles of yoga. Whether you're working toward deep backbends in the Ashtanga series, arm balances in the Iyengar tradition, hip freedom in Power Yoga, or total release in Bikram's style, Kay can help you understand and work effectively toward a huge range of poses. Kay's teaching shines with clarity, precision, depth and practical effectiveness. And she's one of the sweetest, most loving teachers you'll ever know because she regards teaching yoga as an act of love. Kay offers workshops on backbends, arm balances, inverted poses, sun salutations, and all-around practice. For more information about organizing a workshop in your area, email


Biography: Kay has been practicing yoga daily since 1979. She sees yoga as the most health-promoting form of physical exercise ever known to humankind. Her teaching emphasizes the ways in which we can use poses to enhance the health of all systems within our bodies. Having studied many styles of yoga -- including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kripalu and Bikram - Kay has integrated elements of each into her own idiosyncratic style. She encourages students to learn everything they can from as many teachers and traditions as possible, and then to develop their own styles and the routines their bodies most need. Kay views her teaching as guidance that will enable each student to find his or her own way to work most beneficially with the poses. She encourages precision, but never at the cost of joy.

Some of the workshops that Kay especially enjoys teaching include:
Arm Balances: Arm balances can be effortless, if you learn how to balance -- rather than wrestle -- your body weight. In order to balance, you need to develop hip, groin, hamstring, spinal and forearm flexibility. This workshop presents poses that help you develop flexibility and awareness in all of these areas. It presents approaches to the entire spectrum of arm balances, from the simplest to the most complex. Kay teaches stretches that will help everyone move toward arm balancing, and you will be able to learn even by watching the poses you can't master on this day. Students of all levels are welcome. You are welcome to rest, observe or participate as you wish.



Backbends: Come take an in-depth look at backbends. We'll consider them first from a theoretical perspective, so that we understand the anatomy of full spinal extension. Next, we'll learn Kay's favorite and time-tested warm-ups focused precisely upon the body-parts that most need freedom in backbends: groins, shoulders, chest and abdomen. Finally, we'll apply our theories and warm-ups to a series of backbends, ranging from the simple, through the moderately challenging and, if students are interested, into the intensive. Please feel free to rest as you need, observe if you prefer, or participate in as much of this class as you like. You can learn by watching as well as by doing. Students of all levels are welcome!


Sun Salutations: Salute our life-giving sun and stoke your inner fire with this celebration of salutations! Kay teaches slow, thorough cycles -- each leading to a different core pose. Learn how to incorporate groin stretches, standing poses, forward bends, arm balances, backbends and inverted poses into a flowing series that will energize your body and nourish your soul. Feel free to rest as you need, observe when you like, or participate in the entire salutation. We will keep moving, but Kay will demonstrate modifications of the difficult poses, and students of all levels are welcome.



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